CPD / Tutoring

CPD / Tutoring

 Creative Partnerships

CPD course leader. Devising and delivering workshops for teachers on creative learning, reflective practice, cross-curricular connections and outdoor learning. Devising and leading reflective events for teachers to evaluate projects after completion.

Mentor to creative practitioners new to the Creative Partnership programme.

Inroads Productions Ltd

Tutor. Co-delivering courses for creative practitioners on approaches to working in schools: including understanding creative learning, project planning, group work skills and techniques, reflection and review.

Conference speaking

Guest speaker and workshop demonstrator on strategies for using creative processes in the classroom and outdoors to enhance understanding of scientific concepts:

  • Gifted & Talented National Conference. London. “Science through Art”.
  • SE Active Science. East Sussex. “Art in the Science Class”
  • Crea8 Schools at Brighton University. East Sussex. Creative and outdoor learning”

Private art tutoring

Creative drawing workshops for adults.

Portfolio development tutoring for school scholarship applications.


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