Portfolio: plant cell gallery


Kranz Grass

Kranz Grass” (detail).

Kranz anatomy: arrangement of phloem and xylem cells in C4 grasses.

Acrylic on wood. Dimensions: width 24cm  x height 99cm.




Megaspore” (detail).

Megaspore mother cells within a flower ovary.

Acrylic and ink on wood.  Diameter: 44cm.




Endothecial cells in an anther.

Acrylic  on wood.  Diameter: 59cm.




Seeding” (detail).

Maturing seeds in an hibiscus pod.

Acrylic on wood.  Diameter: 60cm.




Yggdrasil” (detail).

Phloem and Xylem cells in a tree.

Acrylic on wood.  Dimensions: width 136cm x depth 136cm x height 22cm.




Phloem” detail.

Phloem cells in the wood of a chair.

Acrylic on wood. Dimensions: width 46cm x height 102cm.



Anatomy of a chair

Anatomy of a chair

Phloem and xylem cells within a tree, from which a chair is made.

Acrylic on wood. Dimensions: width 90cm x depth 90cm x height 170cm.

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