The Land of Bread-and-Butterflies comes alive at the Royal Festival Hall

The Southbank Centre, London, commissioned me to create an interactive drawing installation for this year’s Imagine Festival (9-22 February), in the same space I used for the Ultraviolet Reef work, two years ago (see earlier post). To reflect this year’s anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, I devised an imaginary landscape to be filled with hybrid animate/inanimate creatures. The landscape meandered from woodland to teapot townscapes to the sea, allowing all manner of wildlife to find its natural habitat. The thousands of contributors (of all ages) produced beautifully quirky, humorous and highly inventive drawings. A charming soundscape to enliven the spaces was composed by Hal Taylor.

The initial landscape looked like this:Woodland WP_20150208_16_39_08_Pro copy WP_20150208_16_39_42_Pro WP_20150208_16_38_07_Pro copy

And this is how nature evolved once the visitors arrived:4 drawing in action 2 word sacks6 detail8 detail7 detail12 detail11 detail



About Sheridan Quigley

Artist and educator.

One comment

  1. Evelyn Fischer-Lenotte

    A wonderful dream which became true … fantastic, I love it, thank You Sheridan

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