Ultra Violet Reef at the Southbank Centre

1 Title

My collaborative drawing installation, the Ultra-violet Reef, was at the Southbank Centre, London for the Imagine Festival, 11th – 24th February 2013. Thousands of visitors of all ages added countless, fabulous, fluorescent drawings and collage works to the walls of the Spirit Level gallery, which had been lit with a battery of UV lamps, creating an incredibly atmospheric underwater environment. This was enhanced with sound effects of rushing water and whale  song.

2 Left rocks

This image shows one of the long drawing walls at the end of the initial setup, after I’d painted in the  rocky seabed (and added a few fluorescing weeds and fish), ready for the public to launch in and add their own undersea drawings.

The following images show the audience at work and glimpse of some of the the beautiful things they produced:

15 Child drawing6 Child cut paper5 Crowds11 Hello London9 Dolphin10 Starfish14 Angel fish12 Mermaid13 Turtles16 Fishy

My thanks to Paul Denton for commissioning me, to the fantastic technical team at the Southbank and to Robbie Greenwood of Annulus Art Ltd for hours and hours of wall papering assistance.


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